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Congratulations! … If you’re here it’s because you want to build the kind of wealth that can take you to the million dollar mark or above!

Over the last 18 years, I’ve educated thousands of people on how to put new money in their pockets, FAST. In the process, many have become millionaires. And as an International Wealth Expert, 5-Time New York Times Bestselling Author and CEO of Live Out Loud, I can help you too.

That’s why I want to introduce you to my Millionaire Maker Academy.

Because no matter where you are right now financially – from deep debt to high 6-figures – the Millionaire Maker Academy is where my Team of Experts and I meet YOU, exactly where you are, and put you on a track that can get you to millionaire status in 3-5 years!

What’s Your Biggest Money Challenge?

Whatever your money challenge is right now, here’s the good news … you can get out of it faster than you think. But you’re not going to do it alone and here’s why …

Occupational Thinking Will Never Make You a Million

If you haven’t reached your financial goals yet, there’s a good chance you’re stuck in the trap of Occupational Thinking.

This is the kind of thinking that will never get you ahead. It’s also exactly the kind of thinking most of us rely on when it comes to money.

Why? Because we were taught to think that way.

Most of us were taught that if you want money, you have to work hard for it. So if you want to have a lot of money, the only way to get it is by working really hard! You know: putting in the long hours, hoping to slowly move up the food chain with those small raises, and controlling your budget, hoping one day you’ll cash in with that fat paycheck.

This kind of thinking is all about minimizing, restricting and living within your means. And it will never build wealth!


As long as you stay trapped in occupational thinking, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.

Think small. Stay small.

But there’s another kind of thinking: Entrepreneurial Thinking. And it’s this kind of thinking that lets you escape the Occupation Trap.

Entrepreneurial Thinking focuses on expanding, creating and generating wealth.

Whether you’re in debt right now or just “living within your means” ... when you think entrepreneurially, whole new ways of making money open for you.

Your Road to Wealth Starts Here

… Which is why I’m writing you today.

Now, because you’re part of my community, I know you want something more than a small, Occupationally-Defined life. I’d love to see you get out of that trap and into a world of real financial freedom.

That’s why I designed the Millionaire Maker Academy. The Millionaire Maker Academy is where you start when you want a clear path to financial freedom – no matter what your current circumstances are.

The Academy trains you in the exact, proprietary information I’ve used to create my flagship company Live Out Loud, and its thriving, wealth-building community.

“The Millionaire Maker Academy is an invaluable resource that will immediately put you on your road to Wealth – with the support and resources you need along the way!”


As a way of saying thank you for stepping UP to financial freedom, I want to offer you an opportunity to step IN to our community of wealth-builders and start your New Year on-track for what you really want.

Here is what you will get once you sign up!

  • Millionaire Maker Academy is Like An MBA in Wealth Creation

    The Millionaire Maker Academy teaches you how to think like an Entrepreneur … and a whole lot more!

    This Ultra Exclusive, Customized Online Academy caters to your specific wealth needs. Here’s how …

    I’ve taken my 20+ years of wealth building coaching (for literally thousands of students in every kind of financial situation you can imagine), and created the Millionaire Maker Academy to meet you exactly where you are.

    The training you receive in the academy is the very same information that’s been directly responsible for my personal success, as well as the success of the many entrepreneurs I’ve helped become millionaires over the last 2 decades.

  • You Get to Join Wealth-Builders from Around the World

    The Academy has been attracting wealth builders from around the world. People just like you, who are ready to take what they’ve got and turn it into true wealth and financial freedom.

    That’s why, when you act today, you’re going to get a very special, New Year, New You price

Gain complete access to the Millionaire Maker Academy for One Full Year for ONLY $297. $1164

This is a full 75% off the regular investment of $97 per month, and an unprecedented low investment for the caliber of training you receive.

Not only will you have full access to my proprietary, wealth-building training materials, when you ACT NOW, you’ll also get the “Accelerate Your Wealth” Bonus:

Expressions Of You Power

When you join the Millionaire Maker Academy, you’ll also receive my digital online course, Expressions Of You Power .

This course was co-created with my Mentor and friend, Bob Proctor. And as you may know, Bob is a millionaire many times over. He’s also a multiple best-selling author and mentor to many many millionaire entrepreneurs.

We designed Expressions Of You Power specifically to help you step into your personal power, while eliminating any behaviors that may be holding you back from achieving complete Financial Freedom.

Now, this bonus typically sells for $199, but it’s complimentary for all Academy members.


The first 60 people to join the Millionaire Maker Academy will receive FREE registration into our 2 Day, Make New Money Online Event.

This is our online version of the 3 Days To Cash event where you're guaranteed to make money!

Register Now - The Choice is Yours

You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee!
AMEX Accepted Via PayPal.

You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee!
AMEX Accepted Via PayPal.

7 Elements on the Path to Success

Success leaves clues. That’s why, when you become a part of the Millionaire Maker Academy, you put yourself on the pathway to Wealth. In fact, as you go through the program, you’ll be gaining the equivalent of an MBA in Wealth Creation! Let’s break this down ...

Over the course of 12 months, you get:

  • The RIGHT Education

    Book smarts aren’t enough. For real success you need a combination of both Street Smarts and Book Smarts. Together, they give you the Guerrilla Knowledge every successful entrepreneur has.

  • When-You-Need-Them Resources

    24/7 access means you get what you need, when you need it.

  • A Power-House Team

    You’ll have access to our private, Millionaire Maker Academy Facebook community where coaches answer your questions and ensure you get the support you need.

  • A Network of Millionaire-Track Alliances

    You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so if you want millionaire success, you need to be sure your peers are on the same track. The Academy gives you a ready-made network of people with the desire, determination and resilience to succeed.

  • Mentorship

    In order to hit the millionaire mark, you’ve got to learn from millionaires. As a member of the Academy, you get me as your Mentor. I’ve designed the training to help you avoid common pitfalls and make the right choices for growth and success.

  • Accountability

    No matter how committed you are, you’re going to face obstacles and distractions. That’s why accountability is key to success. As a part of the Millionaire Maker Academy, you get built-in accountability that keeps you on track for your goals.

  • Desire, Determination To Win and Resilience

    “At Millionaire Maker Academy you’ll follow in the footsteps of success, then experience it first-hand – as you build wealth and enjoy entrepreneurial success!”

My students learn exactly how to improve their financial situations – dramatically. Along the way, many have managed to create new money when and where they need it, get out of crushing debt, and hit financial goals they never even dreamed of!

Uncover Your Prosperity Profile

In the same way success leaves clues, so does struggle …

Teaching Wealth Creation around the world has shown me that there are 7 Prosperity Profiles. These profiles are like snapshots of where you are in your financial life right now.

Which one of these sounds like you?

The 7 Prosperity profiles cover the gamut of challenges people face when it comes to building wealth and becoming a millionaire. And whichever profile is yours, I can promise you this:

The Millionaire Maker Academy delivers the strategy and guidance you need to shift yourself from where you are, into Financial Freedom.

That’s why, when you become a member of Millionaire Maker Academy, the first thing we’ll do is walk you through these 7 Prosperity Profiles so you can identify where you are. Once we get you clear about which profile is yours, we provide you with the exact material you need to restructure what you’re doing.

Using carefully structured and organized training materials - including videos, audios, templates, exercises and written lessons – you’ll have everything you need for achieving your wealth goals.

You’ll get immediate traction for success.

Sequencing – The Academy’s “Secret Sauce”

“You need to do the right thing at the right time if you want to create fast cash… AND lasting wealth.”

A key component of the Millionaire Maker Academy is my proprietary SEQUENCING structure. It’s the “secret sauce” of doing the right thing at the right time, based specifically on your profile. That’s why, once we determine your Prosperity Profile, you’ll receive customized information and sequence guidance.

Your current financial situation and needs determine Your Specific Sequence.

The Myth of the Self-Made Millionaire

Did you know there’s no such thing as a self-made millionaire? It’s true: ALL millionaires get where they are with a team. From Donald Trump to Malcolm Forbes, to Oprah or Steve Jobs, every millionaire gets where they are thanks to a team.

This is because the only way to get where you want to go is to learn from people who have gone before you (mentors) and hand-off tasks that aren’t your expertise (partners and staff).

Mentors who have walked the path before you are KEY to your success. A great mentor helps you navigate pitfalls, assess opportunity and risk, and source key partnerships so that you can build wealth.

I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for my Millionaire Mentors. AND … my students who’ve radically transformed their financial lives wouldn’t be where they are if they hadn’t invested in mentoring with me.

But Don’t take my word for it. They can tell you themselves ...

"I personally know countless people who are millionaires today and credit Loral with their financial success."

Bob Proctor
Bob Proctor

"When I met Loral I wasn’t quite sure what to do next in my life. Nine short months later and I was a millionaire."

Socorro Curiel
Socorro Curiel

Top 3 Reasons Why People Choose the Millionaire Maker Academy

People from all walks of life and all financial circumstances enroll in the Millionaire Maker Academy. Most want to finally hit that million-dollar mark, while others simply want the support to take their business or finances to the next level.

But of all the reasons, three stand out. If any of these sound familiar to you, you’ll understand exactly why serious wealth-builders choose the Millionaire Maker Academy ...

  • You’re Ready to STOP Letting Money be an Excuse

    If you’ve been telling yourself that you can’t afford to invest in your success, then Occupational Thinking has done its number on you. One of the biggest reasons I’m hearing from my Millionaire Maker Academy students about why they invested in the training is this:

    “I’m tired of using ‘no money’ as an excuse to stop me from building wealth!”

    These are people who have come to understand that if they keep doing what they’re doing, they’ll keep getting what they’re getting. So instead of letting money stop them, they turn their financial ship around by investing in success.

  • You’re Fed-Up with False Promises and Want Something that Works!

    Another reason why people enroll in Millionaire Maker Academy is because they’ve tried other programs, followed the wealth-building “experts” or Law of Attraction “Gurus” and none of it worked.

    Why? Because in order to actually build wealth and hit the million dollar mark, you need proven, practical, hands-on strategies and tactical advice – from experts who have already built their wealth.  

  • You’re Tired of Financial Pundits Telling you to Budget, Conserve and Play Small

    If you’ve been trying to pay down debt before you start building wealth, then you are in the same shoes as many of my students when they first enroll in the Academy. These are folks who no longer trust the financial “experts” advising them to keep a tight budget, park a little bit of money in low-yield investments and apply other “play small, play safe” strategies.

    They’ve come to realize – as you probably have too – that tight budgets are like tasteless diets … they’re impossible to stick with!

    Instead of budgeting your way to wealth, (which isn’t really possible anyway) why not do what real wealth builders do? Learn how to make new money and grow wealth!

Where are YOU … Right Now?

The Millionaire Maker Academy is unlike any other program of mine and here’s why …

In short, you get the benefits of all my courses combined, customized for your needs, and supported by ongoing guidance from me and my Team of Millionaire Makers.

You’ve Got the Upper Hand!

Now … as I said, as a way of saying thank you for stepping UP to financial freedom, I want to offer you an opportunity to step IN to our community of wealth-builders – for an unprecedented low investment.

In other words, when you ACT NOW ... YOU have the upper hand.

For ONLY $297, you will gain 1 Full Year of complete access to the Millionaire Maker Academy!

Remember: this is 75% off the regular investment of $97 per month.

And, when you ACT NOW, you’ll also get access to Expressions of your Power so you can accelerate your wealth, step into your personal power, and eliminate behaviors holding you back from full Financial Freedom.

This bonus typically sells for $199, but is a gift to you as an Academy member.


The first 60 people to join the Millionaire Maker Academy will receive FREE registration into our 2 Day, Make New Money Online Event.

This is our online version of the 3 Days To Cash event where you're guaranteed to make money!


60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

100% Risk Free Guarantee. If you’re not completely, 100% satisfied with this program for any reason, email me within 60 days and I’ll give you all of your money back. No questions asked. Try the program out, and if you’re unhappy for any reason, I’ll refund your full purchase price. This is a personal guarantee to you!

"A resoundingly passionate introduction to the world of entrepreneurship. First rate!"

Michael Gerber
Michael Gerber

"Loral Langemeier’s message is a powerful one. She has helped thousands of people think, act, and invest the way the wealthy do."

John Gray
John Gray

Your Opportunity to Get on the Path to Lasting Wealth
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The Academy began in 2014 and has been attracting active wealth-builders since our doors opened. It’s a growing community, with members willing and able to invest a lot more than $47 a month to continue!

That’s why I won’t be keeping the Special Offer open for long.

Your opportunity to build wealth and BE a successful entrepreneur is right in front of you – at an unprecedentedly low price. Why wait?

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You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee!
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Over the course of 12 months, you get:

You are protected by our 100% money back guarantee!
AMEX Accepted Via PayPal.